A Little Bit About TSEN



“Supporting individuals with disabilities in Community Membership and Participation”

A little bit about TSEN…

In 1999, TSEN was established by concerned parents and individuals with disabilities, who wanted to pursue the same options and opportunities that other members of the community pursue. When it came to laying all the options on the table, they came to a unanimous decision that everyone belonged in the community. They envisioned a non-facility based support that focused on a person centered approach. Focusing on the interests, strengths and abilities of each individual allows TSEN to be more accountable and responsive. Therefore, the individuals are able to continually assess whether their needs are being met and dreams fulfilled.

TSEN is a community based non-profit resource for people with disabilities. TSEN takes pride in assisting individuals to live and work in the community by focusing on the person-centered approach and ensuring the choices of each individual. Their main philosophy states, “ As individuals, we have varying abilities. We deserve the right and opportunity to live, works and fully participate in the community we are a part of.”

The different types of services that TSEN provides include supported employment, Transitional Program, participating in meaningful activities, family resources, job exploration, work experience, work interests, advocacy, literacy and recreational participation.