Person Centered Planning


TSEN focuses on the Person Centered Approach; working with each individual to examine their needs and interests.  This assists TSEN to provide the supports each individual requests (work experience, supported employment, literacy, etc.)

The Person Centered Approach is part of a conceptual and ideological framework for community participation.  It is the foundation for accepting people, with the belief that each person is unique, with different strengths, abilities and interests from everybody else.  This approach is also a response to overcome the devaluation and stereotypes of what life experiences people with disabilities should lead.

 A unique individual different from all others
-TSEN provides a variety of meaningful supports (literacy, job development, etc)
-TSEN’s focus is on current skills and choices an how they grow
 A whole person whose life and essence compose a total
-consider all aspects of an individual’s life in planning
-Include family when needed and possible
-use the PATH process