Employment Supports

TSEN takes pride in supporting and exploring vocational options by providing the following supports;

Employment—TSEN assists individuals with job searches and development to locate potential employers.  Once employment has been found, TSEN provides training and support to foster employment success.  When the individual is performing their job independently and the employer is satisfied with their job performance, TSEN will continue to provide follow-up services to ensure job stability.

Work Experience—Sometimes individuals choose to gain experience and skills through work experience opportunities.  This provides the individual the opportunity to see what the job involves, and allows the employer to see the benefits of hiring an individual with a disability.  TSEN provides support and training as required, to promote a positive relationship between the individual and a possible employer.

Employment PreparationTSEN is committed to assisting individuals to build on their skills, to be employed in the communities they are a part of. 

Planning Tools

TSEN uses a variety of techniques to ensure that all of the individual’s dreams and goals are being met  and worked towards.  Some of these tools are:

PATH (Planning Alternative Tomorrows with Hope) and MAP (Making Action Plans)

Individualized Service Delivery– most individuals at TSEN are provided with one-on-one support. 

Person– Centered Planning

Monthly Calendars and monthly meetings to review what has taken place over the past month, and what needs to be done in the upcoming month.