Programs offered at TSEN

Transitional Program

TSEN developed the Transitional Program in order to make the transition into our day program as stress free for the individual as possible. Prior to developing this program we found individuals had a higher anxiety level thus leading to higher incident rates.

As part of the process the Transitional Coordinator will meet with the individual on a regular basis in the individual’s environment. These meeting begin several months prior to the individual’s start date. This allows the individual as well as the coordinator an opportunity to get to know each other and build trusting relationship.

The Transitional Coordinator will discuss what the individual requires in terms of supports, what the individual is looking for in a staff person,  and what his/hers goals may be. Family is also encouraged to be a part of this process. A PATH may also be done prior to beginning with TSEN in order to create a program tailored to meet the individual’s goal.

A staff person is hired based on what the individual expressed they are looking for in a staff person. The staff person will then step in and begin the process of developing a relationship with the individual in an environment in which they are comfortable (school, home, etc…). It is also important to note that the individual is also brought out to experience some of our programs and be introduced to other individuals.

The Transitional Coordinator will work closely with the individual and the staff person to develop the individuals monthly calendar. The monthly calendar reflects what the individual’s needs are, Each calendar is unique.

By the time the individual officially starts with TSEN they know their staff, they know other individuals, and they have a plan.

Day Program

The TSEN Day Program is designed as the next step for individuals, once they are ready to leave the Transitional Program.  The role of the Transitional Program is to help the individual set up a person-centered program that is appropriate for meeting their needs and interests.  Once this has been successfully completed, and the individual is comfortable with their programming at TSEN, they are moved to the Day Program.  The participant’s support staff moves with them as well, to ensure a smooth transition. Once in the Day Program, the individual continues to be supported in their day to day activities.  One of the roles of the Day Program is to help participants set goals and give them the tools and support needed to meet these goals.  This is done through regular meetings between the participants and management, as well as on-going encouragement and support from staff.  Another role of the TSEN Day Program is to help participants get involved in their community.  There are many different communities in which individuals can be involved, and equally as many different ways to be involved in them.