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To support people with disabilities, focus on a person-centered approach.  The facilitation of personal growth, the building of relationships, fostering community membership-participation and presence; assist individuals to emerge in their rightful place within the community.  Employment and employment participation, to be the focus of the support offered.

Primary Responsibilities:

-Focus on the Person-Centered Planning (Approach-independence within an interdependent framework)

-Encouraging person skill development in all areas of a person's life through teaching and talking.

-Building self-esteem by "doing things together" rather than "doing things for"

-Provide opportunities for new experiences based on a person's interest.

-Increasing community presence and participation through employment, volunteer opportunities,  work experience, leisure, and developing relationships with people.

-Doing "natural things in natural environments"

-Encouraging individuals to  make informed choices and decisions about things that affect their lives while providing the opportunity to learn how to make those choices.

-Build relationships based on mutual respect; which enable you to provide support, guidance, and direction when appropriate.

-Facilitate in any way in which a person may need support in order to achieve their goals.

-Support people in social situations to learn to be comfortable and confident, while demonstrating appropriate social norms.

-Ensure items are purchased in order for people to meet their goals.

-Job search and development.

-Employment maintenance

-Participate with the person in Leisure and Educational Activities.

-Complete all necessary paperwork, document accordingly.

All staff must have a clear Criminal Record Check and Adult Abuse registry.  Staff must have a driver's license and access to a vehicle.  Flat rate paid for use of personal vehicle.

Job Types: Full-time, permanent

Salary: From $14.53 per hour

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T.S.E.N. will be closed on Monday August 7th , 2023.