Grad Program

The grad program was developed to make the transition from high school to day program as smooth, and stress free as possible.  We are aware leaving school is not only exciting but can be an intimidating/overwhelming time in one’s life.  As part of the process the coordinator from the grad program will meet with the individual on a regular basis either at the school or in the home.  These meetings will begin a couple of months prior to the individuals start date.  This allows the individual as well as the coordinator an opportunity to get to know each other and build a trusting relationship.  The grad program coordinator will work closely with the individual and their support network to develop a plan that reflects the individuals needs and goals.


Transition Program


The transition program was developed for those whose identified goals focus more around the continued development of social skills, problem solving, life skills and coping mechanisms.  Although work and volunteer experiences may be incorporated into their programming, priorities are set around daily achievements identified by the individual and their support network.  This may include but not be limited to accessing services and places in the community deemed important to that person, creating and maintaining positive relationships and ongoing supports intended to create a happy and healthy life.

Employment Program

The employment program is largely centered on community involvement.  Many of these people have identified employment and volunteer placements as being their priority.  Staff assist with resume writing, interviewing skills and job development.  Support staff and management work alongside these individuals to create programming that supports a healthy work/life balance by incorporating life skills, physical activity and leisure programming into their schedules along with their vocational sites.



TSEN offers SIL (Supported Independent living) Supports to individuals living independently or respite to those living with their families.  We assist with cooking, cleaning, budgeting, grocery shopping, medical coordination etc.